Smart Reasons to Refinance

  • 26 May
    Smart Reasons to Refinance
    Posted By: FirstCapus

    Yes, rates are lower, but should you refinance? I’ll tell you what, there are lots of reasons to refinance aside from just rate. You know, homes have appreciated quite a bit, so if you’re paying mortgage insurance, let’s get rid of that and save you that money. And because we have seen strong appreciation over the past several years, there is likely equity in your home that you could utilize to do home improvements, make an investment, or consolidate debt. I can take some of your debts, include them in your mortgage, and significantly reduce your overall monthly expenses. We could also reinvest the savings into your mortgage to greatly reduce your term and generate wealth. And guess what? The increase in your net worth through a strategy like this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars…which you can use for things like paying for your kid’s college education or planning for retirement.

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